Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Smallest 7-Segment Display

I have been looking for a small 7-Segment display for awhile. TDSG Series from VISHAY are among the smallest 7-Segment Displays I can find on the Internet. The character height is only 7mm. They are available at Mouser with mouser part # 78-TDSO1160 for common cathode and # 78-TDSO1150 for common anode. The price for one unit is $1.27. Actually, I found another small 7-Segment display, 7S-1 Super Tiny 7-Segment ($2.99). But, it is a vintage display (New Old Stock) so the reliability is questionable.


Artemia said...
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Artemia said...

Hi, neat find :-)

I also found

I found your blog via Google;
I am currently searching for a tiny LCD (segment) display for (geeky) wedding rings we want to make.
Most LED segment displays seem to draw arround 5mAh which is too much :-/

Due to the small size of a ring (we dont want anything large) we want to use small solar cells (12.3x4.6x0.4mm@14mA split in half) since anything such as button cells or capacitors are too large.
This means 5mA would be the MAX and with bright sunlight, wich would make a LED hard to spot.

If you happen to know anything we could use let me know :-)