Saturday, June 28, 2008

PIC16F887 is cheaper than PIC16F877A

I just realized that PIC16F887 (80 THB) costs less than half of PIC16F877A (200 THB).
The PIC16F887 is also comming with internal oscillators (8MHz, 32KHz). It's very nice for watch projects as it doesn't need external components.
After some searches, I have found a good info about PIC16F887 & PIC16F877A issue: Hello PIC16F887 MCUs- goodbye PIC16F877A! CCS News

From now on, I will use PIC16F887.


pranathi said...

i agry with ur saying but one of the draw back is i could not find any sample codes for pic16f887 i m a fresher sir can u help me in finding the sample c code

Balraj S said...

you ve to understand the complete data sheet of pic16f887 first..nowadays, its being used instead of the old 16f877A. You can find the complete reference from or directly from the microchip website..