Thursday, June 5, 2008

Pic Book

"PIC Microcontroller Learning By Doing" comes with handy components including PIC programmer and a PIC16F627A. Even protoboard and jumpers are also in the package. The protoboard and PIC16F27A and some components are now part of my digital clock so they are not in the picture.PIC Book
This is my only book about PIC. I bought it because I wanted the included components. I didn't have time to go to buy small components like resistors, leds, capacitors, blah blah.. . I just want everything for starting my project. About the content of the book, it is for beginners (I'm also a beginner). It provides you an idea how to work with the PIC microcontroller by using MicroC. It explains you how to control LED, PWM, motor, light sensor, input switch, thermometer and speaker. Not only the explanations, it also provides 20 projects inside the book, for example, timer, alarm, counter, music box etc., However, there is nothing about interrupt, PIC timer like TMR1. The projects are using plain flat C codes with Delay_ms() and Delay_us() functions.
All in all, I think it's worth my money (THB895, ~USD30).

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