Friday, June 6, 2008


CW25-TIM GPS Module
There is a limitation for my GPS clock. It needs clear view of the sky in order to get accurate time. I can get only 2 satellites if I put antenna close to window. So, I have to put the antenna outside my window to get more than 3 satellites.
Just now, I have found CW25-TIM from NavSync. From a note in the website, it reports that the CW25-TIM can get 9 satellites in a room without window!. Very impressive!

SemiconductorStore is selling it at USD64. I am thinking about using this GPS module for my GPS clock so the clock will be selfcontained, no need to put antenna outside building.
After some searches, I found that CW12-TIM is a ready-to-use GPS module that uses CW25-TIM inside. So, my target is now CW12-TIM.

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woovi said...

I just know your blog from
I think your project is very impressive. Refer to GPS antenna (this model), I couldn't understand why do you have to put it inside your clock? For what application or what kind of clock do you mean?