Thursday, June 5, 2008

My GPS Clock is up and running

With the help of WDT, My GPS Clock is now running nicely. I don't know its exact accuracy. After comparing my GPS Clock time with SymmTime time, I can only say that my clock is very accurate. I use PIC16F877A to control the clock.

GPS Clock with LCD Display
I use PPS (Pulse Per Second) to drive my clock so ,theroticaly , the clock should be very accurate. The PPS accuracy from the Lassen iQ GPS module is about 50ns (when position fixes or SV>2).GPS Module
Next step, I will add sound of the second 'Tick' for accurately setting my watches. Also, I think that telling time with 7-Segment display should be more accurate than the LCD.


mike said...

I would love to see more detail on this project .... pcb design, firmware, parts ???
Can you provide them at all

jhills said...

I second Mike's comment. Any chance of a schematic, code etc.

Haseen said...

Any chance of a schematic, code etc.

darya said...

hello this project is exactly my final project, i would like to realize more details and shematic.thanks alot. i really need your help.please

darya said...

my email address is

euler said...

I recently completed a project of a GPS clock using the old and cheap Motorola GT+ gps receiver, which is working nicely with a 7 segment display and a vehicular active antenna. However, since it's been used indoors, satellite locking is a constant problem, and sometimes it'll stay one or two hours without tracking any satellites at all. Perhaps I should consider installing the antenna outdoors, but really want to avoid the complications. I was wondering if the CW25 receiver requires a sensitive antenna and whether it has to be of the active or the passive type. Would you please include more details about your project? I believe it could be very helpful to many of us.

Thank you,
Euler D. Gra├ža

Pran said...

Would you mind sharing schematics and code of this wonderful project? Kindly mail me at