Saturday, December 27, 2008

Trojan Attack : Trojan.vundo

In last couple days, I have been getting headache with Trojan attack on my computer. The symptoms were a lot of Antispyware 2009 ads and other annoying popups (Browser Hijack). I started the task manager and found that iexplore.exe was running even I didn't use IE. I found some strange files in windows/system32 such as

- sakalimo.dll
- fodituva.dll
- yidaziwi.dll
- dobafigi.dll
- juvilisi.dll
- igifabod.ini
- vefiyohu.dll
- gujayiwo.dll
- titubeve.dll

I tried Trojan Hunter, NOD32 and Spybot Search&Destroy. They found some Trojans & Malwares but they could not kill the annoying popups. After some searches, I have found that I got attack from Trojan.vundo and Trojan.vundo.H . And from my searches, I found only one mulware/trojan removal program, Malwarebytes' Anti-Mulware or MBAM, from that can remove these Trojans.

Malwarebytes' Anti-Mulware
It's FREE! I installed it and did full system scan. It took about 3 hours for my system scan. As expected, it found and removed a lot of Trojan.vundo from my machine. After cleaning those Trojans, my machine is running fine and consuming less RAM than before.

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