Saturday, November 22, 2008

The cheapest PIC with Internal Osc and I2C

I just got the above FM receiver module from SparkFun. It requires I2C interface. Actually, I2C can be implemented in software but I need I2C hardware so I can do something else in software. So, I went to and searched for the cheapest PIC Microcontroller that comes with internal oscillator and I2C. Based on my search, PIC16F722 is the cheapest PIC with 16MHz internal osc. and I2C interface. Its price is $0.91 for 1000 pcs. I also found that PIC16F505 is the cheapest PIC that comes with internal oscillator (4MHz, $0.56/1000pcs.).

Anyway, I will develop my FM radio with PIC16F887 as I have it in hand.

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