Sunday, November 16, 2008

7-Segment PIC Digital Clock : The photographs

The prototype of the 7-Segment PIC Digital Clock. Check out 7-Segment Digital Clock for the schematic and source code.
7-Segment Digital Clock
7-Segment Digital Clock PIC Microcontroller
7-Segment Digital Clock PIC16F627A
7-Segment Digital Clock PIC16F628


Glenn Kun said...

hi there sir. can you help me in making a digital clock that can be setted, I need to do a digital clock using 7segments and without using a MICROCONTROLLER. please email me @

mR*z0e said...

sir enge nman ng list ng mga component ni2 plzzzz..!!!

mR*z0e said...

penge po ng diagram ni2ng digital clock u plzz..!!!

JAHRR said...

hi there, great to see a working 6-digit digital clock which looks quite fun to build.

could you please post or send the materials list? i'd appreciate it very very much.

keep on building, i'm starting to be an electronics addict myself.

NiSa ZuL said...

Hi Sir, can you help me in making the digital clock without using Microcontroller?

my email is