Sunday, September 28, 2008

Led Dot Matrix Scrolling Sign

Starting from the 5x7 led dot matrix clock, now, the Led Dot Matrix is one of my favorite topics for my projects. I have some led dot matrix projects in progress. They are all watch/clock related projects. Now, I am thinking that using led dot matrix to display only numbers is just a waste. A scrolling sign would be a nice project to utilize all of the power of led dot matrix. The above photo is a Mini Scrolling LED Sign. It's available as a kit from I think it's a great kit to start with. This scrolling sign has 96 different characters, and can store messages up to 80 characters long.


Doc said...

I would like to build the scrolling sign . How might I get more detail. I could not find the kit. Thanks. George

Dean Tang said...

any source code / schematic available for "Led Dot Matrix Scrolling Sign"? thanks